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The Clarisse various artists series is back as a massive ten-track compilation locked and loaded for this year’s Sonar festivities in Barcelona. Clarisse’s continued jet-setting signs the best tunes from A through to Z – from Alarchy to Oravla Ziur – for whenever a heatwave, house night and hot tub party needs that extra high.

Across the first five tracks, you’re getting deep and intense bounce, skippy and skimming beats and a range of international vocals making dancefloors move to their amorous advances and get-up-and-go. Alarchy’s ‘Alegoria’ is the A-list attraction to kick off the compilation, starting uptempo and keeping its foot down. It’s followed by Andres Matheus bringing Venezuelan vibes to ‘Ese Rompompom’, the Latino lust for life teasing you into keeping up with the tongue-tingling lyrics.

Gustaff & Hector Diez go head to head on the bodyjack of ‘Tu Si Tu’, a Spanish double-up with Eats Everything among their supporters, striding decisively with pulsing beats and a sweet vocal that siesta heads will do well to snap out of. Jay House starts swerving and tells crowds to be ‘Like Me’, a classic organ melody and garage-style stabs quickly leading clubs to the Peruvian’s way of thinking. The mystical keys forming behind the hushed vocals of ‘Bailame Lento’ create a funky house dream, with the Lowderz & Los Canarios double team keeping things light but also on a tightrope running from Brazil to Spain.

Onto the next five tracks: Oravla Ziur gets into the mechanics of what makes clubs move with the liquid engineering of ‘Sequencer’ – all elements precisely placed, with vocals whipping everything into shape. Straight away there’s another ‘Bad Girl’ on the scene when Ordonezz and Omaroff let loose more Mediterranean pressure that’ll knock speakers over like a 7-10 split.

Ricky Paes’ ‘Awakening’ is a true ear opener with its unstoppably smooth, acid-powered energy out of South America, while the ‘3AM’ Costa Rican alarm call of Seek Arguedas rushes through with some big blows landing on a thrilling, sun-chasing soundtrack. Closing the collection is Un Padre of ‘Yo Tengo’ fame, with the punchy, bongo-heavy ‘PAPI’ destined to be a dusk-til-dawn dancefloor weapon, and confirming that Clarisse, as usual, have got you covered all summer long.

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